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              Internet Marketing

              Ah Damnit! Why Frustration is the Most Important Emotion in UX – Seattle Interactive Conference

              October 18, 2019 Running time: 0 30 30

              Tim Mehta – Seattle Interactive Conference – “Ah Damnit! Why Frustration is the Most Important Emotion in UX”

              Marketers and UX Professionals have been talking about evoking emotion in their content for years. Humor, inspiration, love, shock, the list goes on. Although, they are forgetting about the most important emotion: Frustration. If you ignore frustration, none of the emotions you want your users to feel will make it through. Sometimes it’s actually better to have as little emotion as possible in your experiences.

              In his talk at the 2019 Seattle Interactive Conference, Senior Optimization Strategist Tim Metha exposed the common practices that brands are getting wrong, some heuristics on how you can identify frustration in your experiences, and the right way to use emotion in your content to engage with your users.

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              Tim Mehta, Senior Optimization Strategist

              Tim Mehta

              Senior Optimization Strategist
              Senior Optimization Strategist

              Tim is the senior optimization strategist at Portent, responsible for running tests and evaluations of client websites in order to increase conversion rates through an improved user experience. He is passionate about UX, and has spoken on the topic at various conferences and in multiple publications. Tim's philosophy is centered on the idea that by putting the user's needs before your own, you will create a more sustainable long-term relationship with them. When not optimizing websites, you can find Tim pursuing his other passion: avocado toast.

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