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              The Portent Blog

              News and insight from Portent and around the world of digital marketing. From search to social, analytics to Amazon.

              Internet Marketing

              Where to Start Diversifying Your Traffic in Today’s Digital Landscape

              Google has always presented businesses with unprecedented opportunities to start, sustain, and grow online. It’s also created an unhealthy dependence on the product set for many companies. Shifts in Google search result pages are shrinking the opportunities to earn organic traffic. Everyone is talking about it, including some of the top contributors in our industry....


              CCPA: Online Privacy Comes Stateside

              NOTE: we are not lawyers. Please talk to your legal counsel before proceeding with compliance measures. In May of 2018, Europe grappled with online privacy with the implementation of GDPR. With a lot of gray areas around how US-based businesses should comply with GDPR and how enforceable the law was here, we instructed our clients...


              Balancing SEO and Accessibility: Images, Videos, and Typography

              When asked by a less digital-savvy acquaintance, “What do you do?” I usually answer by saying, “Connecting people and businesses.” Typically, that is what we do. In SEO, our job is to strategize and tweak our clients’ content to make it what searchers are looking for, so they click and convert—whether that is a newsletter...


              Practical, downloadable advice and strategies. Improve your day-to-day or your overall marketing strategy with sage advice and just a hint of skepticism from the experts.


              Need a pithy or inspiring title to start your next piece of brilliant content? Perhaps some help developing a brand voice? Or maybe just a complete on-page SEO review from a browser extension. We build free tools for the digital marketing industry because it’s fun and it’s useful.

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